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"Life's Decay - Dyssera" 33T LP Vinyl disc
[Released : 05/09/2010] [Abstraktsens Produktions ABPLP001]

Side A
"Dysrieuses" :
I -
Emerance [Lyrics]
II - Sulvisyan [Lyrics]
III - Viversie
IV - Ambrause [Lyrics]
V - Etesse [Lyrics]
VI - Inkerosa
Side B "Eklaasera" :
I - Swanics
II - Valensky [Lyrics]
III - Cavaleraie
IV - Eveen [Lyrics]
V - Delyssia [Lyrics]

VI - Rokterdam [Lyrics]

Dyssera is Life’s Decay first release on vinyl disc. This vinyl is a 33T LP disc that contains a selection of twelve songs from the Life's Decay acoustic era. Thus, "Dyssera" is a combination of the "Dysrieuses" and "Eklaasera" albums titles. Side A is therefore made of six songs from the Dysrieuses album and the B side, of six songs from the Eklaasera album. Of course, the sound has been remastered and specifically adapted for the vinyl media.

Dyssera was thought as an collection object and is made of visuals specially created for this release. The packaging is a thick cardboard gatefold wich opens to a width of 63 centimeters.

With Dyssera, forget the digital and the computer bugs, have something real in your hands, go retro and listen to a warmer and more authentic sound on the old turntable of your cellar (or that newly purchased for the occasion).

"Life's Decay - Dysrieuses" CD
[12 tracks, 45:45 minutes] [released : 01/11/2009]
[Abstraktsens Produktions ABPCD006]

I - Etasthesie

II - Emerance [Available on Radio] [Mp3] [Lyrics]
III - Eabelia
IV - Sulvisyan [Available on Radio] [Mp3] [Lyrics]
V - Viversie
VI - Ambrause [Lyrics]
VII - Iristhetique
VIII - Etesse [Available on Radio] [Mp3] [Lyrics]
IX - Elystea
X - Exalyne
XI - Evarestique
XII - Inkerosa

Dysrieuses is the sixth official album of Life's Decay. It follows its evolution towards a completely acoustical orchestration, this time, nevertheless, with a much more aggressive and dynamic music than in the previous album Eklaasera. In addition to classical instruments such as the cello, the piano or the violin, the bass part is more important as well as the guitar recorded in a more or less saturated way. An organ, even more saturated, is played in some parts. Small atmosphere instruments such as the harmonica, chimes, or a xylophone are also present and so are the industrial drums, the martial percussions as well as many experimental sounds made from pieces of metal or other various objects, all representing a very important part in the project's music.
Dysrieuses is carried by the feminine voice and its eclectic lyrics, both dark and poetic, always written in French. Moving between or playing with the instruments, the voice goes sweet or turns into a more violent energy.
It is getting hard to describe swiftly the personality and originality of Life's Decay's music which sounds both modern and of all times, digging into old times or possibly invented ones. It is certainly going through a range of musical influences like classical music, industrial music, even pop-rock, but it remains globally dark, experimental, tinted with ambiances at the same time martial, poetic, steampunk or deluxe-retro.
As in the previous editions, everything has been entirely achieved by Alea and Lyktwasst : the music as well as the design and the texts decorating the booklet.

"Life's Decay - Lakasteasya" CD
[12 tracks, 47:00 minutes] [released : 10/12/2008]
[Abstraktsens Produktions ABPCD102]

I - Introclusion

II - Sezession
III - Extzen
IV - Waerkstats
V - Ronces
VI - Textural
VII - Organium
VIII - Regimental
IX - Secate
X - Chevalise

XI - Noises
XII - Kaliber

"Lakasteasya" is an album made of 12 exclusive or rare tracks which have never been officially on another Life's Decay album. They were recorded between 2003, the year when Life's Decay began, and 2008, the year of release of this disc. This album also celebrates five years of active creation and production that we see as a prelude to our futur work. "Lakasteasya" closes these five years. Now, all the tracks that have marked this period are available on CD.
"Lakasteasya" was released shortly after the fifth official Life's Decay album - "Eklaasera." Like the mCD of 2003, this album is not considered as "official" because it consists more of a collection of songs rather than an album marking the hard work of a specific year.
Since the tracks on this disc comes from a work of five full years, but punctually collected in time, there is a wide variety of musical influences from neo-classical / martial industrial to experimental, to darwave, even metal and dark ambient.
Also note that for the sake of exclusivity and rarity, all artworks, photographs and elements of the booklet accompanying the CD have never been printed before.
If you already have the previous Life's Decay albums, "Lakasteasya" will ideally complete your collection. Otherwise, it is not the first album to choose.

"Life's Decay - Eklaasera" CD
[12 tracks, 51:30 minutes] [released : 22/09/2008]
[Abstraktsens Produktions ABPCD005]

I - Szelenia

II - Swanics
III - Valensky [Available on Radio] [Mp3] [Lyrics]
IV - Cavaleraie
V - Exaissance
VI - Merker
VII - Eveen [Available on Radio] [Mp3] [Lyrics]
VIII - Eisenval
IX - Delyssia [Lyrics]
X - Efleura

XI - Rokterdam [Lyrics]
XII - Sequestel

Eklaasera is Life's Decay fifth album. It has the particularity of being made of acoustic recordings only. This is a real evolution in the music of the duo. Around ten classical and acoustic instruments were used to make this album such as a piano, cello, violin, guitar, trumpet, accordion, bass, chime and various percussions and experimental sounds.
A lot of work has been made on the percussion and on the sound researchs in order to create particular and unique rythms whether from a music box mecanism or from some large drums, from glass ringings to some breath recordings.
The feminine voice still entirely in french language which remains a major asset to Life's Decay. The voice walks among the instruments, sometimes whispered, sometimes energetic but always anchored to the project's universe.
"Eklaasera" can not be described with a single musical style, it is a travel through various influences, experimental classical music sometimes filled with some country folk or even post-apocalyptic jazz.

The general atmosphere is dark, industrial and especially Retro & Luxury.
The mixing and mastering of this fifth album is also gaining in quality compared to previous albums.

Eklaasera in addition to its Retro Luxury packaging comes with a 16-pages booklet containing all the latest artworks and all the latest photographs of the project, including also all the album lyrics and information.

"Life's Decay - Szilentia" CD
[12 tracks, 50:30 minutes] [released : 15/09/2007]
[Abstraktsens Produktions ABPCD004]

I - Retroscape

II - Inksterna [Available on Radio] [Mp3]
III - Calm
IV - Stukarcht
V - Sziktalia
VI - Diluvia
VII - Katalena
VIII - Descence [Available on Radio] [Mp3]
IX - Claressa
X - Lawsia

XI - Ambvience
XII - Lektvr

Life's Decay is back with this fourth album ! It is composed of 12 tracks made of neo-classical, dark martial industrial and experimental pop music. A better sound quality as well as more variety in the compositions are a part of the evolution of Szilentia which offers a more mature album.
So we can find certain tracks there even more accessible and more popular than previously whereas others will be more aggressive and more experimental, without being a return to basics. Life's Decay remain recognizable through its compositions involving ranges of classical instruments with developed percussions and rhythms, sometimes martial.
But the project also continues its search in a wide variety of experimental instruments and sounds which renews ceaselessly the music as well as the concept in which the importance is major. The presence of certain acoustic instruments can also be felt such as of the accordion, the violin, the bass and the acoustic guitar. Without forgetting the feminine voice which gain in power.
Like every Life Decay's albums, Szilentia comes in a packaging with the lastests retro-luxury artworks that represent perfectly the project's atmosphere.

"Life's Decay - Lysselia" CD
[12 tracks, 62:30 minutes] [released : 06/06/2006]
[Abstraktsens Produktions ABPCD003]

I - Majestueuse

II - Espoirs
III - Untitled
IV - Novarch
V - Else [Available on Radio] [Mp3]
VI - Errklass
VII - Sphere
VIII - Classartic
IX - Stuereva
X - Lounge

XI - Gloria [Available on Radio] [Mp3]
XII - Wheire

« Life’s Decay - Lysselia » is the third album from Life’s Decay. It has 12 tracks for more than 62:30 minutes of music.
The production is still high quality like the others CD from the project and it is also once again quite different from the other albums. The album is mainly influenced by neo-classical / dark martial industrial and also from other underground or more popular influences that makes Life’s Decay an unique project. We have here are a « retro » feeling from the years 1930 / 1940 with some martial and dark industrial parts characterized by some heavy percussions which are sometimes quite experimental. The music is mainly composed by strings instruments (like violin, cello etc.) and other classical and experimental instruments. The whole music is completed by a sweet and melodic feminine voice. The project is still going in its experimental way but it has now a very accessible sound that everyone can enjoy, even if the influences are mainly from the underground.

"Life's Decay - Anleva" CD
[12 tracks, 64 minutes] [released : 01/08/2005]
[Abstraktsens Produktions ABPCD002]

- Incorrect!
II - Droiture
III - Morale
IV - Madam
V - Retropolis
VI - Elegance
VII - Artificial
VIII - Populart
IX - Sensitive [Available on Radio] [Mp3]
X - Elektric
XI - Systersia [Available on Radio] [Mp3]
XII - Neoclassical

Second album of Life's Decay, 12 tracks, 64 minutes of music High quality prints & artworks. (comes with two different booklets) This album is more accessible then the first album, with french & english female vocals and a "retro" and "militaristic" feeling, influenced by : Industrial, neo-classical, martial neo-folk, darkwave & dark ambient / experimental.
Review : Promising new neo-folk / industrial act Life's Decay incorporate male / female vocals into their esoteric dark electro textures. Sometimes martial in sound and at other times quite melodic and enchanting, the result is divine music for the esoterically industrial. Presented with Deluxe, beautifuly designed graphix.

"Life's Decay - Art Decay Extremism" CD
[13 tracks, 62 minutes] [released : 01/11/2004]
[Abstraktsens Produktions ABPCD001]

I -
II - Krieg
III - Omnes Vulnerant Ultima Necat
[Available on Radio] [Mp3]
IV - L'impure
V - Desespoir Suicidaire
VI - Experimental Perfection Search
VII - Mental Extermination
VIII - Renaissance
IX - Endtroduction
X - Instruction
XI - Manifeste
XII - Art Fa*****
XIII - Noise's Abstract Beauty

"Dark Experimental" music : 13 tracks, 62 minutes of music. High quality prints. First album of Life's Decay, influenced by black/doom metal and dark ambient/noise with some martial/industrial parts.

"Life's Decay - Human Art Decay [first suicide]" CD
[3 tracks, 19:00 minutes] [Originally released : 20/07/2003] [REreleased : 15/03/2009] [Abstraktsens Produktions ABPCD101]

I - Experimental Perfection Search

II - Mental Extermination
III - Renaissance

"Human Art Decay [first suicide] has been the first CD released by Life's Decay. At the time, this CD of 19 minutes was printed and shaped by Lyktwasst. This mCD has been limited and sold to 149 copies during the year 2003.
Although the "Endtroduction" title has been the first track created by Lyktwasst, "Human Art Decay [first suicide]", includes the three following tracks that were composed.
This new version of the mCD, released in 2009, is a professional version produced in industrial quantities. Although there was a partial loss of database files, it remains in all aspects, similar to the original version. No text, visual or sound has been changed.
Thus, this CD represents the origin of Life's Decay. Lyktwasst was alone in the project and the music, like the visuals, was particularly dark and aggressive, influenced by genres such as doom metal, black/death metal, dark ambient and industrial.
This new release emphasizes a desire from Life's Decay to retain its history.
Note that the song "Endtroduction" and these three tracks are also listed on Life's Decay first official album : "Art Decay Extremism", released in 2004.